MGT 290 Business Analytics Immersion
Winter 2019

Course Description

Business analytics synthesizes and integrates data, information technology, statistical analysis, and quantitative methods to help managers gain insights from data. 

This course will introduce students to how analytics frames the decisions in business environments across different industry domains – healthcare, finance, strategy/operations, and marketing. For large part, this won’t be a technical course involving datasets and “how to do analytics”. It will be a course for future managers and executives who want to see how other managers, with diverse analytics backgrounds, face the promises and pitfalls of big data and analytics in their decision making. 

The course will bring eight guest speakers who have in-depth analytics experience in their functional areas. These speakers will introduce students to real-world analytics problems and cases; students then work on these cases, and present their analysis to the speakers. 

Download Winter 2019 Syllabus


 Mehul Rangwala, Lecturer, UC Davis Graduate School of Management