Mid-Year Donor Awards

For Current Students

Thanks to the generosity of our friends and alumni, the Graduate School of Management is proud to offer several scholarships and awards to our students who excel inside the classroom and show great leadership and management potential.

Each donor scholarship and fellowship has specific criteria that will need to be addressed in the application.

We look forward to receiving applications by Sunday, January 10, 2021, 11:59 p.m.  

Application Process

  1. Merit and need are important components and we will certainly consider your academic performance in the program. To ensure we have the most complete information, please submit a current resume and a 1-2 page essay detailing your contributions to the GSM community outside the classroom since joining the UC Davis Graduate School of Management Program.
    • Submit all documents as one combined PDF: Resume and Essay
    • Ensure your name is included in the header of each page you submit.
  2. Some awards have additional criteria that you should address in your essay if you would like to be considered for scholarships and fellowships with additional criteria, include an extra paragraph in your essay with specific information on how you meet the criteria for each award you are pursuing. If no additional criteria are listed, use essay guidelines in #1.
  3. If you would like to be considered, please email your essay and current resume to leadership@gsm.ucdavis.edu by Sunday, January 10, 11:59 p.m.
    • Reference the name of each award in the email subject line, e.g. "Robert and Miriam Glock & Brad Atwood Scholarships"
    • Applications submitted without the above information in the subject line may be overlooked and may not be considered.
    • Late applications will not be considered.
  4. Award recipients will be announced by February 8, 2021, and awards will post to the recipients' MyBill accounts.

We look forward to receiving your materials. If you have questions, please contact Inger Maher at (530) 754-7529 or email leadership@gsm.ucdavis.edu.

Donor Awards for All MBA Students

The following donor-funded scholarships are available to Full-Time, Part-Time and Online MBA students.

Brad Atwood Scholarship

Established by Virginia and Greg Kelsch to honor the pivotal role that Brad Atwood, former vice-chancellor at UC Irvine, played in recognizing Virginia’s career potential. This scholarship supports an MBA student who plans to pursue a career or who has an interest in not-for-profit organizations and management.

James R. and Georgia K. Corbett Fellowship for Student Entrepreneurs

Established by James R. and Georgia K. Corbett, passionate mentors and long-time supporters of the school, this fellowship supports an outstanding MBA student who is judged to have the motivation, potential and passion for succeeding in the entrepreneurial world.

Donor Awards for Full-Time MBA Students Only

William F. and Jean M. Allewelt Award for Management Students

Established by William F. and Jean M. Allewelt, this scholarship is one of the first endowed awards at the Graduate School of Management and supports a Full-Time MBA student in good academic standing.

Robert and Miriam Glock Graduate Award

Established by Robert and Miriam Glock for an incoming and current Full-Time MBA student who is interested in finance and in good academic standing.

California Wine Industry Management Education Award

Established to honor the strong partnership the California wine industry has with Professor Dean Emeritus Robert H. Smiley, this scholarship supports an outstanding MBA student who is interested in becoming a wine industry professional.


If you have questions, please contact Inger Maher at (530) 754-7529 or email leadership@gsm.ucdavis.edu.