Reader, MGT/P 285, Spring Quarter 2018
25% Appointment, 10 hrs. per week

The Graduate School of Management is accepting applications for a Reader appointment during the Spring Quarter of 2018. This appointment is for Professor Chih-Ling Tsai, Time Series Analysis and Forecasting (285)

Course Description:
Helps managers face problems of forecasting the future value of external and internal factors such as product demand, input prices, inventory levels, interest rates, advertising budgets, etc. Covers techniques to aid in this task, including time series analysis, which is the statistical analysis of past data series to produce forecasts for future values of the series. Covers methods such as exponential smoothing, Box-Jenkins modeling, seasonal adjustment, decomposition, curve fitting and multiple regression. Both the statistical principles and the practical details of these methods will be addressed. In addition, business studies homework and a project are assigned to enhance the abilities of empirical data analysis.

Reader duties and responsibilities include:

  • Grade assignments 
  • Prepare the comments for assignments 
  • Assist with grading the final project

Preferred Qualifications:

Student completed both 203B and 285 courses with A or better.​