Summer Institute for Emerging Managers and Leaders 2014
SIEML 2014


Make Connections. Learn to Lead.

The University of California Summer Institute for Emerging Managers and Leaders is a career-building fellowship which provides intensive two-week training to first- and second-year students from historically black college and universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs).

Who: The fellowship is open to 25 freshmen per fellowship class.

Cost: The Summer Institute is an all-expense-paid fellowship that includes airfare; room and board; transportation; and materials, events and entertainment that are part of the program. Participants receive a $100 pre-paid Visa card for incidentals.

Where: This year’s program will be at the University of California, Davis in partnership with the UC Davis Graduate School of Management


Upon receipt of your completed forms, housing and transportation details will be provided to you. All student fellows (approximately 50 students) will stay together at Hyatt Place on the UC Davis campus. Students will be housed two to a room, and roommates will be assigned prior to arrival. UC Davis will make your reservation directly.

Travel Arrangements

Airfare will be provided to and from Davis. The departure city and return city should be the same. In an effort to minimize costs, travel and accommodation requests will be made as a group. While you may make individual requests, we cannot guarantee each request. You will be limited to one checked bag, and are responsible for any overweight bags or additional bag charges. 

What To Wear and Bring

  • Bring comfy shoes for walking around. You might also bring one nice pair of shoes for corporate visits.
  • Davis can get very warm during the day, but evenings can be breezy. Think layers. Typically, for class you can wear what you would at your college. Remember the air conditioning makes it cool in the classroom so have something you can put on to keep warm.
  • For Business Trips and Presentations: Pack a nice shirt, a couple of polo-like shirts, pants/trousers, a tie for guys and possibly for blazer or suit. For women, a nice blouse, slacks/skirts and/or dress will work for company visits and/or presentations. Anticipate that there will be at least three such occasions. 
  • There will be one day of community service while participating in SIEML. Please be sure to bring athletic, closed toed shoes and comfortable clothes for this event. You should be able to move around comfortably. 
  • REMEMBER – Bring just one checked bag and one carry-on, otherwise you will be paying out of pocket for luggage cost. 
  • Toiletries and Medical Supplies: It is dry here so bring lots of lotion and moisturizer, Vaseline lip therapy, aspirin or something for headaches and allergies. Sunscreen is a must!
  • Miscellaneous: Bring a hat and sunglasses.  
  • If you get stomachaches, headaches, allergies or catch colds easily remember to bring a supply of over-the-counter medications. Unfortunately campus stores can be pricey.
  • Bring additional money to cover personal expenses. While you will receive a $100 stipend, participants typically find they enjoy having additional funds.
  • Gallagher Hall is wireless. You are welcome to bring a laptop, but it is not required.
  • Hyatt Place has a pool, so consider bringing a swimsuit.
  • You do not need to bring bed linens (bed spread, blankets, pillows, sheets). They are provided, as is daily maid service. 

Forms and Resources

There are four (4) required forms (Statement of Acceptance, Student Directory Form, SIEML Waiver Form, UC Waiver Form) that all participants must complete and return to us either hardcopy or send electronically to There is also one survey that you must complete, that will be used to make your travel arrangements. All forms should be received no later than May 28, 2014.

Statement of Acceptance

Student Directory Form

SIEML Waiver Form

UC Waiver Form

Student Entry Survey

Contact Information
(530) 754-5476
or (530) 752-7658

Kathy Gleed
SIEML 2014 Program Administrator
(530) 754-9355

Gina Finn
SIEML 2014 Program Assistant
(916) 734-3938