UC and CSU Alumni Grant for MSBA Applicants
(up to $5,000)

The UC and CSU Alumni Grant is for MSBA applicants who have received their undergraduate from a University of California or California State University campus.

In an essay no longer than 250 words, describe how being a UC or CSU alumnus has impacted your career.  Please also share how you positively impacted the learning community during your time at campus.

The Graduate School of Management also offers limited Dean’s Fellowships and MSBA Scholarships based on merit. The Admissions Committee considers candidates for these awards at the time of admission. Factored into consideration are leadership experience, as well as academic and professional accomplishments. No separate scholarship application is required for these awards. If you are interested or have questions about MSBA Awards, contact our Admissions Team or (530) 752-5354.

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