News Release

The Economist Ranks UC Davis MBA Among the World’s Best
Faculty Quality No. 3 in the World, Diversity of Company Recruiters No. 5 in the World

(Davis, CA) — The Economist’s 2010 “Which MBA?” survey ranked the UC Davis full-time MBA program among the top five in the world in two critical areas: faculty quality and the diversity of company recruiters hiring UC Davis MBA students.

The Graduate School of Management’s faculty quality was ranked No. 3 in the world. This is based on the ratio of faculty members to students, the percentage of full-time faculty members with Ph.D. degrees, and faculty rating by our students. “This ranking is testament to the internationally renowned scholars and outstanding teachers that are attracted to the Graduate School of Management,” said Dean Steven C. Currall.

The School was also ranked No. 5 in the world for the diversity of recruiters. Based on the range of industry sectors that have provided career opportunities for our graduates, this shows the breadth of interests of UC Davis MBA students and their ability to compete successfully in today’s global economy.

Overall, The Economist ranked the UC Davis full-time MBA program among the top 35 in North America and among the top 60 in the world. The Economist solicits input from more than 100 business schools and students/alumni, and then measures and weights the data to calculate the overall rankings. The rankings are based on various components’ importance among business students surveyed during a five-year period. Components figuring highly included career opportunities, personal development and educational experience (including faculty quality), as well as earning and networking potential.

In addition to the School’s consistent rank among the elite MBA programs in the U.S., the global reach of The Economist’s results helps raise the visibility of UC Davis among the world’s top business schools, especially in Europe and Asia.