Professor Hemant Bhargava
Optimizing Strategy in the Age of Big Data

Professor Hemant Bhargava is an expert in technology management and the information technology industry. He also studies the use of IT in clinical health care, and has previously worked on data-driven and analytical decision making in organizations.

Bhargava’s research in technology management highlights distinctive characteristics of technology goods and their impact on specific elements of operations, marketing, and competitive strategy. 

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Research and News Highlights

A ‘Dumb Pipe’ No More: What Verizon Wants from AOL


Bhargava says the Verizon-AOL deal represents further vertical consolidation in media and communications—big players are covering all the pieces, the pipes and the content.

The Big Data Revolution

The Innovator

Big data has forever altered the way businesses operate, from marketing and supply chains, to competitive strategy and human resources. A tidal wave of data continues to wash over companies. Bhargava outlines the challenge: how to harness that flood to make informed decisions that propel firms forward.

Tug-of-War Economics of Product Bundling

The Innovator

Bundles created by retailers that combine products from multiple companies face severe challenges, which can lead to lower profits for both the retailer and manufacturers. Think TV distributors like Comcast, DISH and AT&T, Bhargava explains in his research.