Adam Little
Director of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, LifeLearn

Dr. Adam Little is a veterinarian and entrepreneur who works on creative solutions to addressing human and animal health issues. He has a BSc. from the University of Guelph and a DVM from the Ontario Veterinary College. During his time at the College, he held a number of leadership positions including serving as class president for all four years. Within the companion animal space, Little has founded multiple ventures at the nexus of technology and the human-animal bond. He now serves as Director of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships with LifeLearn and is working on how to utilize emerging technologies in the areas of artificial intelligence and sensors.

Little’s strong interest in community development, public health, food safety, and education are reflected internationally through his work with Veterinarians without Borders and the Global Initiative for Food Systems Leadership and, domestically, through his experience in the Chief Veterinary Office of Canada within the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the Community Outreach Program.

In 2013, Little completed the Graduate Studies Program at Singularity University. This institution, located in the heart of Silicon Valley at the NASA Ames Research Center, brings together 80 leaders to address global grand challenges through the use of exponential technologies. This transformational experience resulted in the creation of Lifestock, a start-up company that focused on novel methodologies to produce food.

In addition to his role at LifeLearn, Little is a Visiting Fellow within the Hunger Solution Institute, based out of Auburn University, and is using his exposure to technology, education, development, and food security to shape the future of innovation in hunger. He serves as a Board Member with Veterinarians without Borders as well as acting as a scientific advisor for Thought for Food.

Little has spoken extensively on the future of veterinary medicine with an emphasis on the role technology will play in enhancing the capabilities of the profession.