Ahmed Mayet

Ahmed Mayet: Business Development Fellowship Alumnus
High-speed short-reach optical communication

Note: This interview was conducted in fall 2018. Ahmed Mayet was a Business Development Fellow in 2018/19.

Ahmed Mayet is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UC Davis, where he also earned his master’s degree. His research focuses on ultrafast nano-optoelectronics devices; surface-passivation of illuminated high-speed Si photodiodes with micro-/nanostructures; light trapping by micro-/nanostructures for sensing and energy harvesting; device integration of semiconductor nanostructures for biomedical application; and energy conversion

In a nutshell, describe your project or venture. 

I am working in the Integrated Nano and Micro Systems Group and am currently involved in a high-speed short-reach optical communication project.

What’s important about your research or project—and where do you hope to take it?

Our INANO group came up with a technology that bends the incoming light laterally through thin silicon, and hence we developed and reported the fastest Si photodetectors for short-reach data communication systems. We hope our technology will emerge to Si photonics system market and boost the existing technology considerably.

Ahmed Mayet

What are you most passionate about in your work?

Discovering information and ideas that are new to me — and that can help me to understand the broad picture of technology as well as trends and market need. 

What is the most unexpected advice you received from a mentor?

I’ve learned several important lessons: Find your opportunity and look for low-hanging fruit, collect them, polish them and market them appropriately. Learn from your and others’ mistakes. Ask if you don’t know or don’t understand. And build good relationships, and make a strong network. 

Do you plan to participate in the Big Bang! Business Competition or “just” the workshops? How do you expect this to help you as an aspiring entrepreneur?

Since I am busy with my research work, I am participating in the workshops to understand how it works and what are the principles, meanwhile, brainstorm and try to find new ideas for an entrepreneur. 

How will your experiences as a Business Development Fellow help you to change the world?

I would like to know how businesses develop overtime and what are gaps exist between technology and people so I can participate in some way to fill those gaps. Also, I would like to link my project and what I do through my career to real market needs.