Alaknanda Mishra Business Development Fellow 2020-21

Alaknanda Mishra
Exploring pathophysiology and translational therapies in retinal degeneration

Alaknanda Mishra is a postdoctoral fellow studying retinal degeneration disorders, their pathology, and underlying mechanisms in both animal models and human samples. She earned her Ph.D. (regenerative medicine) at the National Institute of Immunology (Delhi, India), and her M.S. (zoology) and B.S. (botany, chemistry and zoology) at Banaras Hindu University (Varanasi, India).

Mishra is working toward potential therapeutic strategies to rescue retinal structure and function manifested during retinal degeneration. Besides research, she is skilled in project design, execution and management, lab management, and various other leadership roles, including helping set up a new lab at UC Davis.

Before coming to UC Davis, Mishra was a visiting fellow at the National Institute of Health, Bethesda. She moved from NIH to UC Davis with her supervisor and truly appreciates the Aggie culture and Californian vibe.

Alaknanda Mishra Business Development Fellow 2020-21 In lab

What drew you to the Business Development Fellowship program?

As a scientist I am passionate about research and development of new technologies and discoveries that can help our society. However, it is vital to translate our scientific knowledge to a commercially viable enterprise. This is the driving force of why I want to learn more about the business aspect of science, and the fellowship program is a perfect opportunity to do this.

What excites you about growing your entrepreneurial mindset?

The most exciting thing about growing as an entrepreneur is the unknown journey I am about to make, the whole new vision I am about to learn, and a totally different world of challenges I am about to uncover. It is exciting to see science from a different perspective than as a lab scientist.

What does innovation mean to you?

Innovation to me is a new idea that can be developed or created into practical reality to answer the existing needs of our society and world.

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