UC Davis Graduate School of Management's student Entrepreneurship and Innovation Association kicked off its Business Innovation Speaker Series on April 29, 2013, by hosting Mark Randall, veteran entrepreneur and Chief Strategist and VP of Creativity, Adobe Systems. Randall shared why "entrepreneurship is the extreme sport of business."Mark Randall explains his entrepreneurs' creed and secret for joyful success: "Amplify your unique talents with the skills of a great team to change the world, creating value for others and meaning for you."Randeall described his journey launching three successful high-tech start-ups, more than a dozen innovative and award-winning products, and picking up two Emmy Awards along the way. 

 "Entrepreneurship is the engine that drives the world and creates more new technology than all big business combined . . . You can create value where there was none and that is an amazing gift"Randall shows the new, better customer-focused path toward start-up success.  Learn more about EIA at gsm.ucdavis.edu/eia

Business Innovation Speaking Series: Highlights from Mark Randall
Chief Strategist and Vice President of Creativity for Adobe Systems

Fast Facts

  • 3 Successful High-Tech Startups in 20 years
  • 12+ Innovative Products
  • 15 Product of the Year Awards
  • 2 PC Magazine Excellence Awards
  • 2 Emmy Awards

Hosted by

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Association at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management