Calvin Woo, MBA 12

Calvin Woo MBA 12
Product Manager Emphasys Software
Emeryville, Calif.

Since starting the Bay Area MBA program, I’m performing better as a manager. I’ve definitely learned the value of teamwork. I’m more aware of the ripple effect my management decisions have on my colleagues, and I make faster, more well-informed decisions.





Student Leadership

  • Member, Finance Association
  • Member, Bay Area Marketing Association

Previous Degree

B.A., Economics and Mathematics, University of Washington, Seattle

Fast Facts

  • MBA advantage: “Providing leadership in financial product development is the cornerstone of my success. My banking background provides a great foundation, but the UC Davis MBA allows me to maintain a clear vision of where we want to be.”
  • Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Japanese
  • Member of UC Davis Big Bang! Business Plan Competition team focused on founding a winery in India, delivering California-quality wine at affordable prices to a largely untapped market