Christian Miller
Proprietor of Full Glass Research

Mr. Miller is the proprietor of Full Glass Research and helped found, where he is responsible for research design and analysis. Wine Opinions maintains a representative consumer panel of over 8000 high-frequency and high-end wine consumers and a trade panel of over 2500 employees and owners working in the U.S. wine trade. These unique panels are used for market research by wineries, importers, consultants and appellations to better understand trade and consumer trends. Full Glass Research is a consulting firm that has produced economic and industry studies for clients ranging from investors to regional organizations to food service companies to small high end wineries. Miller has worked in the wine industry since 1985, primarily in marketing. Previously, he was Director of Research for MKF, a CPA-consulting firm in the California wine industry. Miller has worked at some of the leading California wineries in brand and category management, consumer research and sales promotion. He also co-manages the OIV Wine Marketing Short Course at UC Davis, is a regular lecturer at several universities, and is often quoted in trade publications. Miller holds a BA in Economics from Franklin & Marshall and an MBA from Cornell University.