Crystal Wang

Crystal Wang
MPAc 17


  • Resident Advisor in the 1st year student dorms: Aside from hosting weekly events and collaborating with other RA’s to complete our administrative duties, I provided my residents with a 3rd year student’s perspective of campus life.
  • Service Vice President for Iota Phi Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega: I organized events that provided support to the Chapter, Campus, Country, and Community. After graduation, I was voted in as a Community Advisor, and with the Advisory Team


  • University of California, Davis; B.S. in Environmental Science and Management, Emphasis in Ecology, Biodiversity, and Conservation

Short and long term Career goals

My professional and personal goals are intertwined: my significant other, Alvin, is also a UC Davis alum (undergrad and MPAc), and so our plan is to foster careers in accounting-related fields and start a family together.

My professional goals for the year include: graduating from the MPAc program, passing my CPA exams, and accepting an offer from a firm either in the Bay Area or Sacramento region.

At PWC, I aim to be a high achiever so I can be fast-tracked to Senior Associate in my 2nd year, and in my 3rd year, apply for a two-year international assignment with Alvin. When we return, we expect to continue our careers and start our family near his family around the Los Angeles region.


I chose the UC Davis MPAc program first because of the opportunities it provided in both professional and personal development: my goal was a significant change in career, and the UC Davis MPAc program was one of the highest-ranked programs in terms of job placement, CPA pass rate, and faculty qualifications. 

I value the tight-knit community we have developed. We trust and support each other in all our endeavors, from social activities to academic pursuits to professional ventures. It feels like we’re members of a close family, and I’m especially proud of how our collective diversity contributes to the program and our learning experiences.


I have a variety of hobbies, including: indoor rock-climbing (bouldering and top-roping), playing board games, listening to podcasts, reading fiction (sci-fi/fantasy), playing badminton, crafting (coloring and making things), and watching TV shows. 

When I’m not studying, working as a Server-Bartender, or indulging in my hobbies, I enjoy spending time with our two young cats, Artemis and Orpheus.