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Dina Kimble MBA 05
Alumna Plugs Her MBA Skills Into Gallagher Hall's Electrical Systems

Alumna Dina Kimble, a 2005 graduate of the Sacramento Working Professional MBA program, is vice president of Royal Electric’s Northern California operations. She is project manager for Royal Electric’s work on Maurice J. Gallagher Hall, having personally pursued the opportunity to be part of the design and build team.

We asked Dina to describe her role and Royal Electric’s work on the Gallagher Hall/conference center project:

What is the background on Royal Electric’s work on Gallagher Hall?

When I first heard about the Gallagher Hall project, I knew I wanted Royal Electric to be a part of it. I hunted down all the general contractors that were bidding the project to secure Royal’s place on one of the teams. Sundt Construction welcomed us to the table and as a team we were chosen for the project.

What are the specifics of Royal’s contract and deliverables on the new building?  When will Royal’s work be finished?

Royal is responsible for the electrical systems, fire and life safety, and telecommunications. We have a design-assist contract with Sundt Construction. Our role is to work with the design team hired by Sundt, maintain the University’s budget for the electrical work, and build the project with a high level of quality. Our contract with Sundt will be around $2 million, although several design issues are not yet finalized.  Royal will be involved until the day we turn the project over to the University next fall.

What is your role as project manager for Royal’s work on Gallagher Hall? How many workers are involved?

In our company, a project manager handles the administrative side of the construction process in two simple ways:  limit risk and collect money. I have been involved in the design process negotiations (although I am not the technical expert). I will be responsible for the overall level of customer service on this project, and will manage the financial side of billings and budgets.

Our team also consists of a project engineer, superintendent, field foremen and crew. We could not do a project like this without having each part of this team in place as we all bring different experience to the group

As an alumna, how do you see your role in the new building? It must be exciting to play a part in the construction of the GSM’s new campus home.

I hunted down this project when I found out about it. We do quite a bit of work for UC Davis, and we enjoy working with the campus Architects and Engineers Department.

Royal was part of the UC Davis Multi-Use Stadium, and we are currently building the Physical Sciences Expansion and the Steam Plant Expansion. We were also part of the utility upgrades going on around campus and now we are involved in the building of Gallagher Hall.

It’s exciting to be involved with projects around campus, but especially unique to build the new Graduate School of Management.

What are the most unique aspects of this project?

This project has a few unique challenges. This is our first design-assist project with UC Davis. Gallagher Hall and the adjoining conference center will be green buildings, achieving LEED® Certification which must be incorporated from day one of the design.

In addition, this is a fast-track project. We are currently building while design details are still being hammered out. So, working with a design team to incorporate these considerations while maintaining the project budget has been our biggest concern.

I have no doubt the building will be a major source of pride for the Graduate School of Management and for Royal Electric.