Emily Steliotes Keller Pathway Fellow 2020-21

Emily Steliotes
Converting food waste into safer, more sustainable chemical products

Emily Steliotes is a Ph.D. student in agricultural and environmental chemistry. She is conducting her research under the mentorship of Professor Chris Simmons in the Department of Food Science and Technology. Her dissertation work focuses on converting food waste into safer and more sustainable chemical products. As a Keller Pathway Fellow, Steliotes is exploring the commercial potential of this work, as well as deepening her knowledge of entrepreneurship and business development.

Outside of her research, Steliotes co-hosts a podcast called Evolution Eats. The podcast discusses how to address some of today’s most pressing food systems challenges, with a core focus on sustainability. It seeks to inspire listeners to make healthier and more sustainable food choices in their own lives.

What drew you to the Keller Pathway Fellowship program?

The opportunity to learn as much as possible about how to successfully start an entrepreneurial venture in a supportive, collaborative environment.

What excites you about growing your entrepreneurial mindset?

Many more doors will be open to me.

What does innovation mean to you?

Combining ideas together in new ways to create something useful for the world.

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