Erica Wondra

Assistant Director, Master of Professional Accountancy

Erica Wondra joined the GSM in 2021 as the Assistant Director for the Master of Professional Accountancy program. She was previously employed at the School of Pharmacy at Chapman University in Irvine, CA. She began her tenure at Chapman in April 2017 as a Student Affairs Coordinator. As the Student Affairs Coordinator, Wondra identified the need for a Career Services department dedicated to the development of the school’s pharmacy students, which, to date, had been nonexistent. The School of Pharmacy entrusted her to found its Career Services department, which endeavored to connect pharmacy students with employers across Southern California. Over time, she grew the catalog of potential employers interested in Chapman’s students from about 20 to over 400, earning Erica a promotion to Career Advisor after one short year, a position she occupied until she joined UC Davis.

In addition to Wondra's extensive experience in higher education at Chapman and elsewhere, she comes to us with a background in Clinical Psychology, having earned her master’s at Vanguard University and later trained in the practice of adolescent and family psychology. She brings a varied skill set that will serve GSM students in myriad ways for years and years to come.