Fabio Anza Business Development Fellow 2020-21

Fabio Anza
The complex behavior of quantum systems

Fabio Anza is a postdoctoral researcher working on quantum information and quantum technologies. He holds a three-year fellowship from Templeton World Charity Foundation to study the complex behavior of quantum systems, both for fundamental reasons and for future technological purposes. Anza has a B.S. in physical sciences from the University of Palermo; a M.S. in physics from the University of Pisa; and a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University at Oxford.

Anza has a passion for sports, including rowing, volleyball and beach volley. Before the pandemic, he was assistant coach of the NCAA beach volleyball team at UC Davis. His wife is also a researcher at UC Davis.

Fabio Anza Business Development Fellow 2020-21

What drew you to the Business Development Fellowship program?

The fellowship program represents a marvelous opportunity for growth, both personal and professional, based on the fruitful cross-fertilization between scientific endeavor and entrepreneurial attitude.

What excites you about growing your entrepreneurial mindset?

As knowledge frees individuals from the chains of ignorance, I believe an ethic entrepreneurial mindset underlies a will to put such knowledge to good use. I want to learn how to do that properly.

What does innovation mean to you?

Evolution without progress can drive collectives toward extinction. To me, innovation is the ultimate practical way to jump on the driver’s seat of evolution and steer the wheels toward progress. 

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