Graciela Casebeer, Class of 2012
HP Networking

Current Position

  • R&D Project Manager, HP Networking

Student Leadership and Experience

  • UC Davis Sacramento MBA Ambassador

Previous Degree

  • B.A., Electronics Engineering, ITESO Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara, Mexico

Fast Facts

  • Big Bang business competition participant
  • According to her husband “the way to Graciela’s heart is through her stomach”
  • Loves British comedies and mystery shows on PBS (e.g.Pouirot, Keeping up Appearances, etc.)
  • Has the heart of a runner, but her knees don’t know it

The MBA program helped me strengthen my confidence in leading teams and organizations; it enabled me to better understand and collaborate with people of different departments and expertise in the organization; it gave me perspective to better understand my company, our competitors, and the industry where we operate; and it gave me a frame of reference to understand the dynamics of organizations and how leaders influence the business world.