Johann Prambs
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Johann Prambs
New medical technologies with a positive impact on people's lives

Johann Prambs graduates this month with his B.S. in biomedical engineering. He says he has been molded by his work as a project manager and coordinator at the American Heart Association and his education in biomedical engineering.

When not studying or working Prambs enjoys include rock climbing and cooking.

Describe your project or venture.

During the EQUIP program, I attended a number of workshops and gained two internships at biotechnology companies. My first internship was with Molecular Matrix, Inc. in Sacramento; I am currently a lab assistant at Evolve BioSystems here in Davis.

What’s important about your field of study—and where do you hope to take it?

As a biomedical engineer, I have the opportunity to involve myself in creating and producing new technology that has the potential to impact many lives. I hope to one day be a part of creating a medical technology that will change someone’s life.

Knowing that what I am building can create real change drives me to pursue engineering further. I hope to use my skills to develop medical technologies, as these can positively impact thousands or millions of people.

What are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about learning and applying that knowledge. As an engineer, I learn about countless different physics concepts or chemical interactions and look to apply this background toward solving an actual problem. The ability to create a tangible object from just an idea is truly amazing, and I gain immense satisfaction from determining suitable solutions.

Knowing that what I am building can create real change drives me to pursue engineering further. I hope to use my skills to develop medical technologies, as these can positively impact thousands or millions of people.

What was the most important thing you learned during EQUIP?

Networks are extremely important in a professional career, and the EQUIP program provided me with skills to further develop and expand my own network.

What is the most unexpected advice you received during the program?

I found the suggestion to send handwritten thank you notes unexpected. I always thought sending a thank you email was enough, but the handwritten letter really adds a personable touch that people respond positively to. This is a rather small effort that has many benefits.

What is the most important thing you discovered in EQUIP?

I discovered the importance of putting myself out there, getting uncomfortable and learning how to deal with it. Only in these situations do you learn. One of the more memorable experiences from this program was walking through a public location and pitching to random individuals on a fake product and asking for their opinions. It was awkward and uncomfortable, but it forced me to confront my concerns. I believe by confronting obstacles rather than shying away, I can become a more effective entrepreneur.

Johann Prambs

How will your experiences help you to change the world?

As medical technology advances, the lives of people around the world will improve. I look forward to participating in designing and producing some of the devices that further this improvement. My experiences through this program and the subsequent internships have allowed me to become a more effective engineer and potential entrepreneur. I understand more completely the constraints startups or even large companies face when creating a product, such as limited equipment, small staff and little money. I hope to use what I learn to develop products that solve real medical problems—and that are also financially feasible.

How will your experiences as an EQUIP Scholar shape your professional future?

I have always thought about becoming an entrepreneur or working for small startups, and this program provided me the opportunity to experience this through an internship. The internship combined with the workshops taught me so much about the world of startups, from how to create an idea to navigating some of the challenges companies face. The skills I developed are transferable to any job and will serve me for years to come.

Anything else you’d like us to know about you?

I am grateful to the EQUIP program and everyone involved. The workshops were extremely informative and allowed me to build entrepreneurial skills. I was able to connect with a range of individuals, both in and out of my field, and begin building a network.

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