Shang Heng Wei

Meet 2014 Harkins Fellow Shang Heng Wei

Shang Heng Wei received an MS in health informatics from UC Davis in 2013.

He has more than a decade of experience in developing enterprise software solutions in the biomedical field. Currently, he does most of the data wrangling for autism researchers at UC Davis. He also likes to “hack” together software solutions that improve workflows that have limited resources and tight constraints. Wei focuses on user experience and data-driven development. He wants to empower users with tools that can help capturing their data easily, storing them securely and getting their information back in a more meaningful way.

At the UC Entrepreneurship academy, Wei explored the commercial potential of using cloud-based technology to give telemedicine clinicians a way to communicate securely, prioritize incoming workflow and track outcomes. Currently, clinicians in tele-ICU have no standard communication electronic workflow solution: manual processes are  the standard. This new platform eliminates untrackable work outcomes into real-time tracking and reporting between specialty providers and partner sites, combing dashboard, reporting and customizable user functionality. Built-in safeguards maintain database integrity.

“This standard and concise format of documentation and triaging requests from multiple hospitals, displays real time, in a tracking board format for team-based problem resolution and provides closed loop follow through,” notes Wei. “Data recording improves patient care and response times to critically ill adults over extended geographical areas efficiently through a single hub. This technology and front-end application has potential to cross boundaries and be applied beyond healthcare.”

Most valuable aspect of the academy?

It helped me formulate the core (business) value for my research.