Student or Alumni Profile

Nancy Rashid
Intellectual Property Officer, UC Davis

Nancy Rashid is an Intellectual Property Officer for UC Davis InnovationAccess, managing inventions in Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Food Science, Physical Sciences and other areas for over 10 years.  In addition to other responsibilities, she has been a member of the campus Conflict of Interest committee for over 9 years, and gives guest lectures on intellectual property and conflict of interest.  She is the IP representative on the Sponsored Research Industry Negotiation Team.  Prior to joining UC Davis, Nancy was an independent consultant for industry clients in Materials Science and Engineering.  Her scientific experience covers a range of engineering disciplines. 

Nancy held a postdoctoral position at the Danish Technical University in Chemical Engineering, working on combustion of plant biomass; her Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from UC Davis led to an issued patent related to a bioceramic for bone implants.  Her M.S. (on vitrification of nuclear waste) and her B.S. (Civil Engineering) degrees are also from UC Davis.  She is a registered Patent Agent admitted to practice before the USPTO.