Nkechinyere Chidi-Ogbolu Keller Pathway Fellow 2020-21

Nkechinyere Chidi-Ogbolu
Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

Nkechinyere Chidi-Ogbolu is a chemical engineer with a bachelor’s degree from Howard University. At age 14, she began studying at the university and after graduating with honors at 18, she came out with her book Tales of an Uber Minor in College.

Chidi-Ogbolu holds a master’s degree in biomedical engineering from UC Davis. She is now a third-year biomedical engineering Ph.D. candidate with a focus on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. She works in Dr. Keith Baar’s lab studying musculoskeletal function and injury. She chose to go into the medical field so that her research is able to have an impact of a broader scale than that of a one-on-one doctor/patient relationship.

What drew you to the Keller Pathway Fellowship program?

I am trying to transition from bench work into the business of science. I believe this program will get me into the mindset of a business holder and develop skills that could help me understand what is important to a company’s bottom line.

What excites you about growing your entrepreneurial mindset?

Being able to apply my critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a more translational and impactful way.

What does innovation mean to you?

Innovation to me is what makes humans human—the constant push for an increase in knowledge.

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