Patrick Merrill
Co-founder and General Partner of Merrill Research

Before founding Merrill Research in 1986, Mr. Merrill had been the Director of Marketing Research for Regis McKenna Inc. a leading high tech marketing strategy and communications consultancy. He was responsible for all primary and secondary research activities for RMI on a worldwide basis. Prior to Regis McKenna Inc., Mr. Merrill’s experience included senior research positions at Activision, Levi Strauss & Co., Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co. and Heublein Wines.

Mr. Merrill has 30+ years of custom marketing research experience and is equally adept at quantitative and qualitative projects. His keen interest includes research methodology and study design, sampling and approach to questioning respondents. He is a wine enthusiast and research expert in the wine and alcoholic beverage industries, and has been invited to speak at wine conference around the world. His articles have appeared in leading wine industry publications. His background also includes many years’ experience in the financial services, consumer and business technology sectors.

Mr. Merrill began his research career in Cincinnati, Ohio, with Burke Marketing Research, the largest custom marketing research firm in the world. Mr. Merrill earned an MBA from the University of Illinois with an emphasis in Marketing and Quantitative Analysis. His undergraduate degree is in Marketing with an emphasis in Psychology and Advertising.