Professor Kimberly Elsbach
Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Research Expertise: Leadership in organizations; perception and management of individual and organizational images; identities and reputations, especially images of legitimacy, trustworthiness and creativity

“Leadership happens every moment of every day. You always have an opportunity to influence what other people do and why they do it by being a role model. I help students understand their leadership strengths and weaknesses, pushing them to work outside of their comfort zones—for instance, by encouraging those who are not ‘natural leaders’ to take the initiative.”

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Research and News Highlights

We’re Not Taking Enough Lunch Breaks. Why That’s Bad For Business


Elsbach’s studies have found that the longer you stay at work, the more important it is to get outside of the office, even if it’s just for a few minutes, because creativity can take a hit when you don’t change environments.

Co-work Spaces Alter Landscape for Entrepreneurs

The Sacramento Bee

Three of Sacramento’s shared workspaces were ranked among the nation’s top 75.  Elsbach says that while some types of work—like software coding—can be done faster at home, creative ideas typically percolate from a collaborative environment.

Does Crying Kill Your Career?


Tears shed in the workplace can drown your career. Elsbach’s research has shown that women are not only more prone to cry at work they are also more prone to be judged more harshly, particularly by men, as it makes men uncomfortable.