Professor Paul Griffin and Amy Myers Jaffe
On the Front Lines of Global Corporate Responsibility

As scholars who together study global energy and sustainability business trends and their impact, Professor Paul A. Griffin and Amy Myers Jaffe are dispelling financial myths like the carbon bubble.

The pair are tackling a range of corporate social responsibility issues across the global stage such as energy and sustainability, use of conflict minerals and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Research and News Highlights

How Investors Are Evaluating Oil and Gas Companies

Wall Street Journal

Griffin and Jaffe analyze how investors are evaluating oil and gas companies. Their study examines how U.S. oil and gas company stock prices reacted to media coverage about the potential consequences of unburnable carbon for fossil-fuel companies.

High Tech Bringing Fundamental Changes to Energy Systems

Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation

The tech boom is going to continue to change the energy industry, for better (productivity, safety, sustainability), and for worse (cyber-attack). In fact, tech is changing the energy industry faster than its leaders can adapt, writes Jaffe

Divesting from Big Oil—and Making Money

San Francisco Chronicle

Investors in U.S. oil and gas companies have not ignored science when considering whether a potential carbon asset bubble exists, which is a concern raised in media reports, according to Griffin and Jaffe.