Ram Srinivasan
Former CEO, Fireclick

Ram Srinivasan has more than 30 years experience in engineering and marketing management over a spectrum of high-technology companies (Enterprise, B2B, B2C) across multiple segments (Big Data, Analytics, IoT, Second Screen, etc.) He was the founding CEO of Fireclick, which was acquired by Digital River. Previously he was a member of the executive team at RightPoint (acquired by E.piphany), Red Brick Systems (IPO), Informix and Hewlett-Packard. He is a venture partner at Wellington-Partners and the chair of the steering committee for GSVA (German Silicon Valley Accelerator).

Srinivasan’s technical intuition allows him to cut through technology and focus on business challenges crying for elegant solutions. His penchant for solving gnarly business challenges brings multidisciplined teams together rapidly. Srinivasan delivers results with a unique blend of intuition, discipline and creativity. He has post-graduate degrees from UCSB and Indian Institute of Science with a bachelor’s from NITK (National Institute of Technology, Karnataka).