Student or Alumni Profile

Roger Halualani
Founder and Principal, Epiphany Partners Inc.

Roger Halualani is a cancer consulting specialist with over 15 years in the field of oncology, working in all facets of the industry including research, manufacturing, product development, marketing and sales, business development, and strategic planning. He is a founder and principal of Ephiphany Partners. Epiphany is a cancer-focused epidemiology research and consulting group that provides unparalleled cancer epidemiology.

With a unique background and exceptional clinical knowledge, Halualani has been a core developer of the premier global oncology resource providing an unparalleled analysis and review of the key cancer market drivers: patient populations, emerging technologies, current clinical management, potential treatment evolution, and the current marketplace for the U.S., Europe, and Japanese markets. He is versed in all aspects of product commercialization in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry.

Halualani has an MBA from the UC Davis Graduate School of Management.