Saad Soroya Keller Pathway Fellow 2020-21

Saad Soroya
Digital health tools to bridge gaps in underserved communites

Saad Soroya is a junior research specialist at the School of Medicine, where he supports the Advanced Heart Failure and Heart Transplant Precision Medicine Initiative, working with the Complex Care lab. He works on the implementation of digital health tools to bridge specialist care delivery gaps in underserved communities, leveraging complex data to develop machine learning models to advance cardiac therapy.

Previously, Soroya worked with several organizations and startups in healthcare strategy and finance. He holds a B.S. in molecular miology, specializing in data science and public health. A Sacramento native, he is happy to be back in his hometown and enjoys spending his free time playing sports and being a hobbyist chocolatier.

What drew you to the Keller Pathway Fellowship program?

The program offers a breadth of engaging alumni, faculty, staff and partners within the UC Davis ecosystem, allowing participants to expand their networks and turn a hypothesis into a living, breathing product.  

What excites you about growing your entrepreneurial mindset?

Harnessing key concepts of a novel idea, identifying value of a product as well a product market fit. An entrepreneurial mindset provides extensive opportunities to build a robust mindset and inspires me to spark change by exploring and taking risks.

What does innovation mean to you?

Nothing great comes easy. Innovation means to take risk, and to then survive and thrive by calculating risk itself along the way to build a successful product.