Sasikanth Vadlamudi, MBA 15

Sasikanth Vadlamudi, MBA 15

Student Leadership and Experience

  • UC Davis MBA Ambassador
  • Student leadership included hosting cultural & sports festivals for my graduate school

Previous Degree

Bachelors in Computer Science: – JNTU Hyderabad, India 2003

Masters in Software Engineering: – NIT Allahabad, India 2005

Previous Work Experience

  • Assistant Consultant , Tata Consultancy Services (8 years)

The quality of the entering class is the most outstanding aspect of GSM. Every single person offers something very different to the table. It provides an amazing learning experience without the side effects of unhealthy competition. The size of the class helps us immensely in having a one to one relation with every single class mate and also with the faculty. Finally the outstanding alumni connection helps us in our career progression. The career development team and admissions team will constantly motivate you towards excelling in every possible aspect imaginable.

Fun Facts

  • Job I would die for :- Stand-Up Comedian
  • Place I like the most :- Munnar and Alleppey in Kerala , India
  • Favorite time pass:- Books and Movies and music
  • Things I value most :- Human relations
  • Things that bother me :- poverty and hunger
  • Favorite Sports Person :- Sachin Tendulkar and CR7
  • Favorite Sports Club :- Manchester United
  • Things I hate most :- Cooking and Cleaning
  • Biggest Fear :- Heights and Water
  • Inspirational Figure :- Martin Luther King Junior and Malala Yousafzai
  • Biggest Achievement :- Being madly in love with my wife even after 5 years of marriage


Company: Mars, Inc.
Position: Student Intern

post-mba position

Company: Netpace Inc
Position: Product Manager (Growth)