Shreya Surana MSBA 18
Student or Alumni Profile

Shreya Surana MSBA 18

Professional Leadership and Related Activities

Previous experience as an analyst for Analytics Datalab. I worked with customer acquisitions & risk management for clients and content building for an upcoming analytics learning and knowledge management platform.

Student Leadership and Activities

  • Business Analytics Student Advisory Council, UC Davis
  • Working to create a knowledge sharing platform for students to cross leverage skills and experiences.
  • Three year participant in a charity performance event, Kangna, at University of Nottingham.

Previous Degree

  • BSc. (Hons) Finance, Accounting and Management, University of Nottingham, UK
  •  MSc. Finance and Investment, University of Nottingham, UK

Fast Facts

  • Love sports, cricket more than any other!
  • Passionate dancer.
  • I can live on a beach.


“I joined the MSBA program because it supports a good blend of academic learning and instantaneous practical application through the practicum projects. 

Apart from its direct academic offerings, the people involved in building the course and the city its based out of trigger very many indirect benefits. The one that I am here for is meeting the right people and building a strong network in the industry.”