Teresa Mengali
Production Manager for Truett-Hurst, Inc.

Ms. Mengali is the Production Manager for Truett-Hurst, Inc., a publicly owned wine producer of premium and super-premium wines. Notable for launching “first-of-its-kind” innovative packaging, Truett Hurst is focused on creating a new way of thinking in the wine industry that promotes changes in the way people buy and enjoy wine. 

Ms. Mengali is responsible for researching and developing all of the innovation projects that the company creates and overseeing all other wine production. Ms. Mengali draws upon a broad base of experience that includes the navigation of complex regulatory landscapes, tight-focus project management and strategic vendor selection. Her penchant for forethought, the ability to lead technical teams and a healthy dose of tenacity enables Truett-Hurst to continue forging a wide path on the road of innovation.