Todd Brockman

Todd Brockman MBA 93
Senior Vice President of Issuer Processing and Enablement, Visa Inc.

Todd Brockman MBA 93

Todd Brockman is a Senior Vice President of Issuer Processing and Enablement at Visa Inc., leading the world’s largest Visa debit processing business – Visa DPS, and Enhanced Visa Services including Visa Campaign Solutions and Digital Mobile App services for banks, credit unions and partners. Brockman’s career has included forays at Intel, Webvan, and Galileo Processing; his growth has been notable. “I feel incredibly fortunate to be where I am today, working with such talented people, at a global payments technology company like Visa. The rapid pace of change with digital commerce is exciting and challenging.”

Brockman credits his GSM experience with broadening his business perspective and increasing his ongoing curiosity to keep learning and developing. “Through the years, I have often reflected on the breadth of education I had at the GSM, and how foundational and invaluable it has been in helping me identify opportunities and assess risks from a strategic, financial, organizational, marketing, or go-to-market lens – rather than a narrow point of view.” Brockman’s education continues. “Although I have been at Visa for over 18 years, there is still so much more to learn in this complex industry – and so much more to do.”