Wataru Yoshimura

Wataru Yoshimura
MBA 2015

Student Leadership and Experience

  • UC Davis MBA Ambassador
  • Marketing club member

Previous Degree

B.S. Genetics, UC Davis

Previous Work Experience

  • Marketing associate, Affymetrix
  • Research associate, Medimmune(AstraZenica)

The degree is not necessarily what will be useful however the education I receive is what will really shine. The skills I learn in an MBA program are too varied and abundant to list all by name. Very generally, it will define the type of leader I will become. It will instill in the me the skills necessary to excel at my profession. It will allow me to pursue the career I had alway wanted and not for the one I happened upon. It is the catalyst to next chapter of my life.

Fun Facts

  • I enjoy taking silly pictures in beautiful locations.
  • I like to play home run derby on little league size fields.
  • This summer I was bluff charged by a large unseen animal in Yosemite.
  • When I forget to turn on music while showering I will undoubtedly sing Boyz II Men “On bended knee”


Company: Agilent
Position: Marketing Intern

post-MBA position

Healthcare marketing consultant