Yike Chen Business Development Fellow 2020-21

Yike Chen
Organic waste management and bioenergy production from waste materials

Yike Chen is a doctoral student in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at UC Davis. He holds a B.S. with a major in bioengineering from East China University of Science and Technology and an M.S. in biological/biosystems engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Chen’s research interests focus on organic waste management and bioenergy production from waste materials. At UC Davis he has been working with the California dairy and almond industries, providing technical and scientific support while helping them develop economical and sustainable waste management practices.

Yike Chen Business Development Fellow 2020-21

What drew you to the Business Development Fellowship program?

I think it is useful and essential for graduate students or younger professionals in the field of science and engineering to have some training in business, marketing and entrepreneurship. The fellowship program really fits my expectations of gaining this kind of training.

What excites you about growing your entrepreneurial mindset?

The world never lacks new ideas, but how to transfer these valuable ideas into a business usually needs an entrepreneurial mindset. The opportunity for hands-on experience and to learn from mentors will allow us to look at an idea from a business perspective with professional guidance. Being able to successfully transfer and incubate new ideas into actual projects excites me.

What does innovation mean to you?

Innovation is to implement new technologies or discover new applications of mature technologies to solve real problems.

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