Zalak Trivedi MBA 16
Business Analyst, Boomtown

Student Leadership and Experience

  • Social Media Lead, UC Davis MBA Ambassador
  • Marketing Lead, UC Davis Diwali 2014
  • Member of Council of Student Affairs, BITS Pilani University

Previous Degree

  • B.E.(Hons) Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

Previous Work Experience

  • Senior Consultant, Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd.

MBA at GSM is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are so many notes and colors, there are so many amazing people. It is the way that you mix with them, that sets you apart. Small class size with great diversity and a helping staff and faculty make the transition back to school fun. The connections that I make in this fast paced environment are important and inspirational to dive deep into the next chapter of my life

Fun Facts

  • I am a huge fan of Cricket, Bollywood and Sachin Tendulkar.
  • I want teleportation as my superpower.
  • I absolutely love travelling.
  • Training for half-marathon.
  • I am an amateur dancer, actor, keyboard player.


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  • Twitter handle: @zalak_t
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Company Name: Baaz Global

Position: Marketing Analyst