Assistant Professor Ning Zhu

In honor of Chinese President Hu Jintau’s visit to the International Center for Finance in April, the Yale School of Management hosted a conference to explore and assess the history, present state and future prospects of various Chinese industries. Assistant Professor Ning Zhu, a specialist in finance and statistics, was invited to present his paper, “Chinese Bond Market, The Past, Present and Future.” The paper is a review of bond issuances and transactions going back to the 1860s, when China was ruled by the Quing Dynasty. Zhu discussed the historical reasons for a relatively underdeveloped bond market (compared to equity market) in China by considering historical/political events as a cause of this underdevelopment. Zhu, who earned his Ph.D. from Yale, concluded with an optimistic forecast for the development of the bond market over the next few years. Zhu’s paper was well received by an audience of Chinese dignitaries, Yale faculty and students as well as corporate guests from Goldman Sachs, J. P. Morgan, and other private companies. Zhu plans to publish his recent work in a comprehensive book in the near future