Lowering Barriers for Energy Efficiency Technology

Associate Professor Andrew Hargadon and Alan Meier, a senior scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory—both of whom are associate directors of the UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center—were awarded a $10,000 grant from the Industry-University Cooperative Research Program and received matching funds from the California Clean Energy Fund to host the Energy Efficiency Technology Impact Summit at UC Davis on February 13.

The summit was organized by alumnus Benjamin Finkelor ’04, program manager for the Energy Efficiency Center. The goal was to encourage candid dialogue between stakeholders in the energy sector. The topic of discussion centered on how the market fits into California’s plan to achieve an 80% carbon emissions reduction in 10 years.

The summit assembled a who’s who of the leading stakeholders, including top utility company directors and managers, venture capitalists, researchers, entrepreneurs and community members. Hargadon, Meier and Finkelor invited key players who could bring new information from their respective fields to the table to voice concerns regarding some road blocks they confront when bringing new energy efficient technologies to market.