Negotiation Unlocks Potential for Technological Change

Assistant Professor Gina Dokko, who joined the School’s faculty in July, spent the summer presenting her latest research in the U.S. and Europe, traveling to the 25th EGOS Colloquium in Barcelona, Spain, and the Academy of Management conference in August in Chicago.

At both conferences, she discussed “Keeping Steady as She Goes: A Negotiated Order Perspective on Technological Evolution,” a collaborative project with Assistant Professor Amit Nigam of the Wagner School at New York University, and Professor Lori Rosenkopf of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. In her talks, Dokko discussed how incremental technological change requires ongoing negotiation and social interaction between practitioners to maintain or change the structures, network and professional contexts where ideas are shared and standards are negotiated.

At the Academy of Management conference, Dokko also presented a paper co-authored with Assistant Professor Vibha Gaba of INSEAD, titled “Venturing into New Territory: Prior Experience of Corporate Venture Capital Managers and Venturing Practices.” She discussed how staffing choices for corporate venture capital programs affect the strategies and success of these programs. At the Academy of Management conference, Dokko also organized a professional development workshop on the use of biographical data in research.