Professor Donald Palmer

Professor Donald Palmer, an internationally known expert in organizational behavior, was recognized as the Distinguished Visiting Professor at INSEAD in France. Palmer’s two-week visit last summer to the campus in Fontainebleau Cedex, near Paris, gave him the opportunity to present his most recent work to INSEAD’s faculty, graduate students and administrators and to build bridges to the school’s international community of scholars. Palmer’s presentations and discussions were broadcast to INSEAD’s Singapore campus, where they were viewed by more faculty, researchers and students. Palmer presented his recent research of network structures that promote corporate wrongdoing and white-collar crime. His research shows that corruption is typically not an individual act where a person develops a positive orientation toward bad behavior, but rather often is a group process in which the individual comes together with others and unintentionally slips into illegal or unethical behavior. Palmer also presented a paper on the state of the field of organization studies. INSEAD scholars were particularly interested in Palmer’s position as editor of the Administrative Science Quarterly journal, and how to publish in top U.S. academic journals.