After the Interview
Effective Interviewing Guide

  • As soon as possible, write notes for yourself. Summarize information that you should have brought out about your background and experience. Use this material to include in a thank-you letter. Also, note the interviewer’s name and address.
  • Thank you letters are probably not necessary after a first round on campus interview. However, they are valued as a means of indicating level of interest for second or third round interviews. If you do write a thank you note, personalize it and add some additional information that you didn’t convey during the interview. Don’t use a generic letter that looks as though it just came from a computer file, since this can work against you. Check your Managing Your Career Handbook for Sample Letters.
  • In an effort to obtain more feedback to students regarding their interview skills, recruiters are asked to fill out an Interview Evaluation Form. Make an appointment with a Career Center advisor, to discuss your feedback.
  • Campus interviewers are often overly optimistic about turn-around time. If you are told you will hear within two weeks, don’t be disappointed if three weeks go by with no answer. If you hear nothing, a week or more past their timetable, make a follow-up call to restate your interest in the position and desire for status information.