Alumni Network
Career Development Handbook for Part-time Students

Although the Graduate School of Management alumni base is relatively small, most alumni are very generous with their time and are willing to give time to students, particularly those who are prepared for discussions and who are appreciative of the time that is provided.

Online Alumni Directory: This directory is for use by alumni and students and contains contact and employment information for most alumni. This contact information is maintained by the Development staff and is updated frequently as alumni submit changes to the Graduate School of Management. Current students can search alumni by name, graduation year, industry and functional area, company, title, work city, state and zip. The directory displays the most current contact information available, although the accuracy and reliability of the data is dependent upon alumni updates. In addition, alumni can choose to have some or all of their contact information displayed in the Online Alumni Directory.

Note: The Online Alumni Directory is for individual communication only. This information is not intended for placement purposes, but it does allow you the opportunity to contact alumni for informational interviews and questions. Please review the informational interview preparation checklist prior to contacting alumni. Misuse of this directory and the information it contains is prohibited and will result in loss of access to the directory. The Online Alumni Directory is password protected and the alumni expect that you will not share your username, password or information gathered from the directory with anyone who is not a current student.