Cover Letter Guidelines
MPAc Career Services

Unless specifically requested, cover letters are usually not necessary when applying through Global Talent System or when submitting your resume online. When meeting recruiters at Meet the Firms or a career fair, your elevator pitch and conversation should take the place of the cover letter.

When used, cover letters serve as an introduction to accompany and complement your resume. A well-written cover letter is often the first opportunity you have to communicate with a potential employer. Take the time to carefully prepare and proofread your cover letter, and customize it for the job about which you are inquiring.

Tips to Remember:

  • Make sure it is meticulously written, and that there are zero punctuation, grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Format should be neat, clear and concise. Heading should reflect that of your resume.
  • Be honest and positive; point out experience you have that matches the requirements of the position.
  • Format font style, size and color to ensure uniformity and clean presentation.
  • When writing an email, the cover letter should be the body of the message. Attach your resume in pdf format. See Other Business Correspondence for more information on email.
  • See an example of a cover letter here