Enrolling in Less Than 6 Units
What you need to know

Financial Aid:
It is your responsibility to know what the enrollment requirements for your financial aid eligibility since those requirements may differ from the GSM enrollment requirements. If you are not enrolled in enough units in any given quarter, you lose your financial aid disbursement for that quarter. (These are federal regulations.) Students need to have a zero balance on their student account to be eligible to register each quarter.

Deferment Status:
If you are enrolled in less than 6 units in any quarter, you are not considered a “full-time” student and your name will be referred to your lender to start repayment.  Once this happens, the only recourse is to start the deferment process again with your lender. (Complete the student section and submit to your program manager to complete the school portion and signature. The form in returned to you to submit to your lender.)