Grade Availability

Grades are not official until the instructor submits them to the campus registrar’s office at the end of the quarter. This applies to all courses including concentrated courses and courses with irregular schedules. Please see the Academic Calendar for the date grades are available to students.

Once grades are available, you can view them in RaPS or SISWEB.

Part-time (Sacramento and Bay Area) Students only

If a student requires grades outside of this time frame, they must submit a letter on company letterhead from their HR department stating why this information is required prior to the published availability.

Grade, Registration and Payment Information for Reimbursement

You will need to use both RaPS and MyBill for reimbursement documentation. RaPS provides registration and grades. MyBill provides payment information.

  1. Grade and Registration information is in RaPS. Select the Grade and Reg. Letter tab, and follow the prompts. This produces registration information (as well as grades at the end of the quarter) on GSM letterhead.
  2. Payment information is available through SISWEB MyBill. The Student Account Suite, under E-Billing, features a “View and Print Your Billing Statement” option

Grade Change/Incomplete Grade Change Timeline

If a grade change or incomplete grade change is submitted on your behalf, this change must be initiated by the instructor.  When the instructor has made the change (assigned grade for an incomplete or changed a grade), the student will be notified of the change.