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In the last several years the “case interview” has become increasingly popular, especially in the field of consulting, as a means of evaluating a candidate’s analytical abilities. An employer utilizing this approach will present a hypothetical business problem, either from an actual in-house situation or a possible scenario drawn from the work experience reflected on your résumé.

The objective of the case interview is to test your analytical skills & your ability to take data and in a structured manner, derive a conclusion. You may be given incomplete information and be expected to ask several questions before responding. For the most part, the interviewer is primarily interested in how you approach the problem and logically reasoning your way through it. The specific answer is not as important as the method you use to get there.

The key to succeeding in case interviews is to stay calm and organize your answers mentally before you verbalize them. Career Development has a number of Case Interview resources to help you prepare. Also, plan on attending our Consulting Workshop to further help familiarize yourself with the consulting industry and its interviewing practices.

See the content below for everything you need to prepare for a case interview.

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Note: This list is not complete – most companies now post case studies on their corporate Websites)