Interviews Protocol
Career Development Handbook for Part-time Students

Upon request, Part-time Students who are already registered with the Career Development Center and are in their last year of the program can have access to Symplicity’s internal job listings, where they may apply for these internal job listing as well as take part in On-Campus Interviews.

Regardless if a Part-time Student goes to an On-Campus Interview or a Regular interview from any of the Graduate School of Management internal job listings, Part-time Students are expected to be fully prepared for all interviews. For additional interviewing guidelines, see the Effective Interviewing Guide.

Interview Guidelines

Interviews are important part of your job search strategy. We expect that you will participate in a highly professional and ethical manner. We know we can count on you to:

  • Not use interviews as “practice.”
  • Pursue only those positions in which you have a genuine interest.
  • Respond to all invitations (in a timely manner) from companies inviting you to sign up on a pre-selected interview schedule, even if the response is to decline the interview.
  • Show up on time and well prepared for all scheduled interviews.
  • Give an honest and complete account of your work experience and education on your resume and truthfully answer relevant questions from interviewers.
  • Discontinue your job search and notify all other potential employers after you have accepted an offer.
  • Honor all “accepted” career and project agreements made in writing and/or verbally.
  • Remain in good academic standing.

On-Campus Interviews

Every year a varying number of employers come to the GSM to interview students. Some companies request in advance to interview Part-time students. Only Part-time Students who are registered with the Career Development Center are allowed to participate in on-campus interviewing. They may only interview on employer-requested, pre-approved Career interview schedules.

Note: All GSM students are only allowed to interview with the same company once for a career position.

Honoring Interview Appointments

Twenty-four hour notice is required to cancel a scheduled interview.

Students who do not show up have prevented another student from using a valuable interview slot and have jeopardized the GSM relationship with the employer. If, under extraordinary circumstances (car failure, sudden illness, death in the family), you are unable to participate in an on-campus interview, you must call the Career Development Office immediately at (530) 752-4003.

If, for any reason, you have to cancel or miss an interview appointment you must, within three working days of the scheduled interview, write a letter of apology to the recruiter and send a copy to the Assistant Director of Career Development. Failure to do so will result in revocation of your interviewing privileges and the use of other services offered by the Career Development Center, until this letter of apology is sent to the recruiter and a copy provided to the Assistant Director of Career Development.

  • Cancellation of more than two interviews may result in permanent loss of interviewing privileges.
  • Failure to show up for more than one scheduled interview without prior notice will result in permanent loss of interviewing privileges. This includes changing your MBA Accelerator access to inactive, essentially preventing you from fully utilizing the system.