LinkedIn Guidelines

With more than 380 million users, there’s no denying LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. In fact, most recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates.

Profile Tips

  • LinkedIn Address (Vanity URL): Use the edit feature to make your URL streamlined (without numbers at the end of it), then update your headers on your resume and cover letter.
  • Photo: Use a professional head shot in a suit or business casual  – a photo is a must. You will have a professional photo suitable for LinkedIn taken at MPAc Orientation. Feel free to use this for your LinkedIn profile.
  • Name: BE CONSISTENT. Use the same name on your resume that you use on your LinkedIn profile and all other professional correspondence, especially if you have a nickname or “English” name by which you are called.
  • Headline: Use this to brand yourself “Master of Professional Accountancy Candidate | Accounting Professional”. 
  • Summary: Use and expand slightly upon the executive or professional objective section from your resume. You have a little more “space” to add some personality in a LinkedIn profile, but remember to be concise and professional.
  • Job Descriptions: Your LinkedIn profile should closely mirror your resume. Use three to five impactful yet succint bullet points to describe each position.
  • Endorsements: Choose the areas for which you want to be endorsed based upon your career goal. With enough endorsements, you can print a screen shot to include in your packet of “leave behinds” during interviews. Give people you know endorsements and they will be more inclined to reciprocate.
  • Recommendations: A marketing manager at LinkedIn came to the GSM to give a presentation and he said that recruiters are looking to this more than ever – they actually say they like to see two recommendations per job if possible. Again, write some recommendations for people you know and they will be inclined to respond in kind.

Don’t Forget…

Connecting with People:  When you send LinkedIn requests, MAKE SURE YOU CREATE A CUSTOMIZED NOTE as to why you want to connect. By reaching out properly, add everyone you know now and meet going forward so it will be a better networking tool for you now as well as for the next stages of your career – we need to think of networking as a long term endeavor.

Follow Companies and Organizations: Search for and ‘follow’ all companies that interest you so that you will get updates on people who have recently vacated positions, and all company updates.

Job Search Alerts: Make sure you set these up so you will be receive notifications of jobs in your preferred geographical areas, industries and functions.