Networking is at the core of every effective career search.

Networking, done properly, is about relationship building. It is essential that you are gracious and kind in your approach, and show appreciation for any amount of time somebody gives you.

It takes time to network. Networking can lead you in directions you hadn’t yet thought of, and can open up new targets to pursue. Networking can be useful to obtain insider information about companies, advice to better help you focus your search, how to be more targeted in marketing yourself; and to acquire referrals to other deeper contacts closer to the actual jobs. This will help your chances of being remembered when job openings arise and/or before they are even advertised. This is known as the Hidden Job Market.

You are networking every day; especially while in business school. Remember that you are always “on.” Think of the GSM as a Networking Incubator. Be courteous and professional to all you meet while here: classmates, faculty, staff, friends of the school are all potential future colleagues with whom to network. The people you engage at the GSM could very well stay in your network for the rest of your life – start off on the right foot. Remember that people do business with people they know. The trick is to be known by a lot of people. Networking allows you to meet people without asking them for a job and putting them on the spot. If you’re really building strong relationships, those in your network will inform you if they have or hear of a job that is appropriate for you.