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Communication is the key to professional success. Communication means written, listening, spoken and non-verbal (body, fashion, personal presentation) ways of interacting with a diverse group of classmates, professors, recruiters, interviewers and individuals in your growing professional network. Below are a few resources that may prove useful in preparing for your entrance into the MBA world.

Web Resources

Marketplace – Marketplace is an online resource for engaging in current business news, while also increasing listening skills.

NY Times Word of the DayWord of the Day will allow you to increase your vocabulary with high-level words that will be useful in professional conversations.

TED: Ideas worth spreading – Watch TED Talks with the INTERACTIVE TRANSCRIPT. Use the Interactive Transcript to analyze speech for content (What is the video about? What do you think?), pauses (When does the speaker pause & why?), and stress (What words does the speaker stress & why?).

Additional Web Resources to Increase Your Communication Skills and Deepen Your Understanding of the U.S.

Storycorps – Storycorps is an excellent way to increase your listening skills, while learning more about the diversity and stories of people living in the United States.

Pronunciation Doctor – The Pronunciation Doctor is an excellent resource for pronunciation assistance. This Youtube station provides direct instruction in how to increase the intelligibility of your spoken English.

Online Writing Lab -Purdue University’s Online Written Language website is the premier website in understanding all aspects of written English. Take some time to practice your written language skills, and most importantly read and understand the sections on “Plagiarism and ESL Writers”, and “Writing for a North American Business Audience“.


Power Ties: The International Student’s Guide to Finding a Job in the United States
By Dan Beaudry *Speaking at UC Davis August 28, 2015*
This mandatory reading will help deepen your understanding of the U.S. job process and what you will need to be ready to do to begin your internship search upon arrival.

It is also highly encouraged that you find numerous opportunities to practice speaking in English in many different situations.